the Girl in Green (tEsMiNa)

{September 16, 2008}   PI Neo

A fragrance inhabits a virtual world. It represents and enhances the person who wears it.
It is another DIMENSION of the person.
A fragrance also opens a door to the world of the imagination and the wildest dreams imaginable.

In 1998, Givenchy, far ahead of its time, invited men to go ‘beyond infinity’ when it created Pi, a fragrance that symbolised a generation of modern-day pioneers and was identified as part of a galaxy of new technologies. A great success in men’s perfumery, Pi and its visionary universe are more cutting edge than ever.

This eternal quest goes on.
What do today’s men dream about?
The same things as yesterday: FREEDOM and impassable boundaries; heroes who break down barriers to the unknown. Using the innovative methods offered by the scientific and high-tech revolutions of the new millennium to conquer new places, where the real and the virtual worlds merge into infinity. To explore another place within the confines of time, space and matter, moving towards a fourth dimension.
Givenchy dedicates its new interpretation of Pi – PIneo – to these adventurers of the future, the cyber-travellers.

PIneo offers new, highly contemporary sensations evoking high-tech adventure and a virtual world.
PIneo’s bright, woody neo-composition, with a vibrant energy and a luminous, masculine bottle will accompany men in their new journeys ‘beyond reality’.

A neo-fragrance: bright and woody:
PIneo is not just a fresh fragrance.
It proudly exhibits its most masculine traits: the cool, clean scent of citrus, with facets of citrus zest from the best Italian BERGAMOT and MANDARIN ORANGES.
The fragrance also has a woody nature: its centre of gravity gives way to woody middle notes that earn it the right be called a neo-woody fragrance, demonstrating all that can now be accomplished with this raw material when it is cut with the scalpel of chemistry.
CEDAR (from Texas) and PATCHOULI (from Indonesia) are not reconstituted in neo as such. You won’t find the roughness of the bark or an exact representation of the leaf. They have been divided, and only the best has been retained: the cedar has been stripped of its dusty quality, and the patchouli of its camphor and rather medicinal character.
PIneo’s base notes, given an amber aspect by VANILLA, envelop the skin.

PIneo is a fragrance that has a clearly defined scent and exudes naturalness, while benefiting from all that cutting-edge technology has to offer.

An olfactory trinity:
Every fragrance has a meta-structure, a MATRIX.
In PIneo, this backbone is made up of three patented ‘captives’ that are like THREE autonomous vertebrae, independent but articulated.
These three notes are synthetic, not just for the pleasure of using the latest technology, but because they offer new SENSATIONS – just like the new high-tech textile fibres – and to change the sensorial perception of the fragrance.

TOSCANOL, with its sharp, cool, metallic note of anise, is apparent right from the start. Its electric impulsion gives PIneo its noticeable energy.

SAFRALEINE enriches the woody accord of cedar and patchouli in neo, and offers hints of leather, spice and tobacco.

COSMONE is the signature base note. Its influence can be felt even in the top notes of neo: it gives the fragrance exceptional fluidity and contributes to its suppleness when worn. It also has an ambergris aspect that adds to the fragrance’s vibrations. This is a high-tech, yet fundamentally sensual, sexy and very human scent.

Bottle and box:
PI neo’s imposing glass bottle is FUTURIST.
On the front, the projecting PYRAMIDAL shape – the symbol of neo –erupts from the glass, as if it had been frozen at the moment of PASSAGE between two dimensions.
The silvery chrome top shaped like Omega () can be moved to uncover the spray – yet another mysterious SIGN to be decoded on the bottle.

From a distance, the box appears to be navy blue.
When you get closer, you see that it is PIXELLATED with dots that graphically catch the eye converging on a faraway point with an impression of speed.
Graphics like this, reminiscent of SPACE-TIME travel in a science-fiction film, have never before been seen in perfumery.

The image is midnight blue, as is the light, a blue that evokes neo’s HIGH TECH aesthetic.
A man emerges from a well of white light, exuding elegance and a commanding presence.
We know nothing about the well of light. Is it an ENERGY mass ? Another dimension? It is as though we are seeing him through a computer screen. We feel slightly uneasy: is it the observer or the observed behind the screen?
His race to the frontier between the real and virtual worlds is accompanied by highly graphic imagery.

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