the Girl in Green (tEsMiNa)

{October 16, 2008}   Phenomen’Eyes

Phenomen’Eyes High-Precision Panoramic Mascara

Introducing Givenchy’s revolutionary new mascara! Its innovative nev design and high-precision application method will make all existing mascara – a thing of the past.
For many women, applying mascara is still a difficult process. Without a steady hand, it is hard to get precise results. That’s why professionals use a curveo brush to get a better grip on the lashes.
Now, Givenchy has taken a leaf out of the professionals’ book and changed not just the bristles on its new brush but also the brush itself! Its daring new design offers a brand-new way to apply mascara. Givenchy’s groundbreaking patented spherical brush reaches everywhere. It simplifies – application, for perfectly shaped eyes and spectacular results.

A 100% Givenchy signature

The packaging for Phenomen’Eyes is purposely different from the othe mascaras in the range to emphasise how ultra-modern and innovative it is.
The handsome black tube, with the Givenchy signature in silver letters, is rounder and softer. The perfect companion for the brush’s spherical design, it is crowned with a silver top bearing the 4 G logo.

History of mascara:
1915 – cream mascara comes in a tube and is applied with a small, separate brush
1917 – cake mascara, which is emulsified with water using a brush
1939 – waterproof mascara
1958 – refillable “automatic” mascara, the forerunner of today’s mascara
1980 – mascara that treats and strengthens the lashes
1991 – polymers are used in formulas to coat the lashes from the root to tip
1995 – mascara for sensitive eyes
1998 – mascara that curls the lashes
2000 – “false eyelash” mascara
2001 – mascara with a two – in- one brush
2003 – brush with spikly bristles made of rubber
2008 – PHENOMEN’EYES by Givenchy

GIVENCHY reinvents Mascara…


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