the Girl in Green (tEsMiNa)

{May 4, 2009}   the girl in green…

i like to talk a LOT, i’m not quiet, i love music, i love a good movie, i’m a person whos not easy to understand and get to know, but when u get to know me you’ll love ME
i’m not tired and i’m never sleeping, i like night over day, i like to stay in bed ALL day, i hate TV, i like sleeping with a light on 🙂 , i like talking on the phone, i “try” not to be late, i like to cook good food…
i like shopping, i like colors, i like to dress as colorful as i can, i’m always singing and listening to music, as i call “my music”, in my head it’s only mine… 🙂
i like clubing with friends, i like driving my car, i like spring, “may” in special, i like ROBBIE, i love ROBBIE, i like Asteroids Galaxy Tour, Coldplay, U2, Kean…and so on… i like GUERRILLA, i like to hear this all over my house, car and office 🙂
i stay up very late, i love holidays, i love the sun, i’m very lazy laying on the beach,i like getting a tan, i would like to travel the whole world …
i smoke, even if it kills, i don’t drink coffee, i drink COKE and TEA…
i’m moody, boosy, i like to LOVE and give ALL, i like to dream, i like frogs, all kinds, i have a thousands things with frogs on it or in shape of one 🙂 it’s an obssesion… another obssesion is RObbie and the color GReen :), now u know my 3 obsessions 😦
i like to stay home and do anything i want and not hear ANYTHING about work …
i like all animals, i like MY pets with cute names, i like my 6 cats and my 3 dogs…
i love my mom and my dad, i love my friends, i like helping my firends, to know i’m there for them ALWAYS, i don’t deserve to be upset ever… 🙂
i like make up, i like parfums, i have drawers full of them, i like to look nice, always fresh, never tired, always happy…
i like superstars (adidas), the color green and yellow (2nd place :P), i have all the things u could imagine in these colors, i like people around me, never to be alone, i like a full house…i love people and people love ME…

that’s ME the girl in GREEN… 🙂 nice to meet u

Alina says:

You forgot something…..I LOVE ALINA 🙂 hi hi hi

MARIA says:

Felicitarile noastre!
pe romaneste

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