the Girl in Green (tEsMiNa)

{May 14, 2009}   it’s just a game…

Don’t you want to know
what’s stopping me?

I can’t answer his question while
i’m waiting for you to answer mine,

The one i asked you forever ago…

what are we, chuck?

last fall you said
we couldn’t be together.

And i believed you.

But every time i try to move on,
you’re right there,

– Acting like–
– Acting like what?


maybe you just want me to be
as unhappy as you are.

I would never wish
that on anyone.

I want you to be happy.

Then look down deep

Into the soul i know you have…

and tell me if
what you feel for me is real…

or if it’s just a game.

If it’s real…

we’ll figure it out,

All of us.

But if it’s not…

then please, chuck,

Just let me go.

it’s just a game.

i hate to lose.

You’re free to go.

Thank you.

Chuck, why did you just do that?

Because i love her.

And i can’t make her happy…


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