the Girl in Green (tEsMiNa)

{May 28, 2009}   adventure sensations…


  •Givenchy pour Homme (GPH) franchise remains a strong business pillar for Givenchy male fragrances and more especially for some countries which need to sustain the franchise.

  •The perfect balance of strength and intuition, sophistication and genuineness,  the GPH man is a new, bold and very masculine kind of man.

• The 2009 GPH man’s desire for adventure is brought into light  by a new perfume in a masculine design and bright colours   that guarantee a feeling of freedom and power

Power / Virility / Elegance / Luxury

  Woody Fresh – a fresher and more vibrant fragrance

 The fragrance starts off with a thrilling freshness, simultaneously stimulating and powerful.

The use of a grapefruit NP* reveals some slightly bitter accents, softened by the floral and fruity facets of Orange Tarocco NP.

Bergamot, one of perfumery’s most noble raw materials, substitutes its floral tonalities for some lavender-like accents and brings a special brightness to the fragrance.

The heart note provides a moment of pure contemplation and relaxation… While the masculine elegance of the pepper gives some lift to the composition.

The sensuality of the base note develops itself around an interweaving of bold woody tonalities, vibrantly revealed one after the other.

Patchouli is also spotlighted, its dazzling radiance harmonizing with the modernity of the woody balsamic background accord. 

The signature of a man in pursuit of  the absolute.

  The power of suggestion of open spaces and the feelings of freedom they provide …

The daring elegance of a style which cannot be ignored and which

The House of Givenchy inspires …

Illias was surprised by the definition of this new Homme by Givenchy, by the strength he projects and the independence he demonstrates. 

Drawing his inspiration from the special northern atmosphere of the great Nordic wilderness, a rush of fresh citrus notes intensifies the fragrance’s top note.

It recalls the sensation of a chilly,  invigorating and high speed wind on the face…

Then, the presence of a man simply asserts itself.

A man who likes to contemplate a majestic Nature, who is proud of his destiny…

Somewhere between woody and balmy, a warm and powerful tonality expresses the awe and respect he feels when faced with those extraordinary landscapes.

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