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{March 20, 2009}   little robbie…:P

Little Britain with Robbie Williams – Red Nose Day March2009

Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams plans 2009 album
By Frances Cronin
Newsbeat entertainment reporter BBc News: 06 Oct 2008

Robbie William’s ‘album strike’ is over, according to his manager.In January, Tim Clark said the singer wouldn’t deliver a new record to EMI because he wasn’t happy with the company’s new owners. But he’s now told Newsbeat that Robbie is hard at work on a new album and is hopeful it could be released in 2009.

He said: “I would certainly hope that a new album will be coming next year. There are never any guarantees but that’s what we would hope.” Earlier this year, Tim Clarke was quoted as saying “we have no idea how EMI will market and promote the album”.

Many people took that to mean that Robbie Williams was on strike. But Tim Clark says the singer hasn’t stepped back from music and is gearing up for a new album. He said: “He’s been writing and we heard some wonderful stuff.

“I was with Robbie last week. He was at home and he was writing songs and he played some of them to us.” Tim says Robbie is on good form. “He’s in very fine spirits, in very fine form and I think what he’s doing sounds really wonderful,” he said. As for the subject of the album, there have been claims Robbie Williams was working on an alien-themed record due to an interest in UFOs.

But Tim Clark says that’s rubbish. He said: “It’s been pretty much exaggerated in the press, as if that is anything new.”


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